Thursday, February 22, 2007

More media news

This afternoon, the thoughts of two more of our bloggers can be heard.

Ruth Harrigan, Wheelie Catholic, can be heard this afternoon on the Catholic Channel (Channel 159) of Sirius radio at 5 pm EST today.

Steve Kuusisto, Planet of the Blind, will be reading excerpts from his book, Eavesdropping, on NPR's All Things Considered this afternoon.

UPDATE: Here's the link to Steve's reading. Unfortunately, Sirius requires a paid subscription to listen to Ruth's interview.


Ruth said...

Thanks for the post, David. We bantered about the Inspirational NOT piece I did - the interviewer was a very congenial and funny guy. It was fun. Think I'll change careers and be a DJ! LOL

Anonymous said...

We thank you too.