Thursday, August 09, 2007

Come to the Carnival!

Go to Andrea’s Buzzing About and check out the latest disability blog carnival! The theme for this one is "ON HOLIDAY!" - a fun theme for the summertime. There's sights, sounds, and!

The next disability blog carnival will be right here in two weeks, on Thursday, August 23. The theme will be “Top Ten Lists” a la David Letterman and BBC Ouch Magazine.

You can make a Top Ten list about anything you want; any topic, any style is fair game - the Top Ten moments of the Disability Rights Movement, Top Ten reasons you enjoy blogging, Top Ten funniest questions you've been asked, Top Ten pieces of advice for some unsuspecting person. Your entry can be serious or humorous. Ouch’s lists may get your creative juices flowing. Here's one I wrote a few months back.

Everyone is welcome - I hope you'll write your own list and send it to me at the carnival site by Monday, August 20, or via my email (in my profile).

I look forward to reading your lists. It should be a fun way to closeout this summer of carnivals on borders, laughter, carnival and a baby, sex, and holiday!

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Anonymous said...

¡Me gusta la canción y me dió risa!
(I like the song and it made me laugh! for people who read your comments section but don't read Spanish)