Saturday, April 28, 2007

Disability Blog Carnivals

In addition to the current carnival up at Ballastexistenz, there's info about Carnival #14, which will be at The Gimp Parade. The theme for that carnival will be "Firsts".

Kay says,

"The theme is "Firsts" and I want that to be interpreted as widely and variedly as possible. I want to encourage nondisabled bloggers and those that feel they don't qualify to be part of the disability community to participate asallies. I'll answer any questions about the theme, but it's just a jumping offpoint. Oh, and if you find a great post of someone else's that should be in thecarnival nominate it too."

I enjoy the carnivals, and I hope lots more bloggers will contribute. It's fun to read each other's ideas.

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Philip. said...

I've tried to get as many disability related blogs as I can listed on my blog -

I love just picking one at random and having a good read.

There really are a lot of interesting people out there.