Thursday, January 25, 2007

My Autistic boy and other adventures in fatherhood

Last November, my blog and Jerry Grasso’s blog were both featured at the AOL Ability Site of the Day on the same day. Jerry writes about his life, in all its glory and variety, as the dad of Maya and Demetrius. Check out this hilarious post about Demetrius and Maya getting hold of the camera.

Jerry says, “hey, life is is what we are trying to do with it that counts!"

Jerry asked me several weeks ago for an interview. He patiently waited for my answers to his questions and posted them today on his blog. Another interesting person in the blogging world.

Thanks, Jerry.

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Jerry Grasso said...

David: Our blogs are making a difference! BTW - I decided, I'm going to root for Urhlacher -

Go Bears!