Sunday, June 24, 2007

Update from June 23


Today we went to two museums - The Museum of Jade and The Museum of Gold, where we learned about some of the indigenous tribes of Costa Rica. It was very interesting learning about the tribes.

Ryan and a couple of the others helped me navigate through the many obstacles in our path.

Ryan and I did not get a chance to take a picture of the potholes just yet, but when we do, we will show them to you. Some of them are enormous. It was very challenging terrain for my wheelchair, but with the help of Ryan and some of the other group members, I managed to do fine.

Ryan and I are now in the bedroom of our host family's house. My host family has a seven year old daughter who loves to draw pictures. Tonight she drew one of Ryan and me. It's been an absolutely surprising, overwhelming, and wonderful experience.


Anonymous said...

Yay!! Mark and I have been talking about you and thinking of you every day!!

So glad you are surrounded by fabulous people.

xoxo Lee :)

Anonymous said...

David, we're also following your trip. Love the pictures and looking forward to more!!

xoxo Donna, Bob, and boys

Anonymous said...

David! I was at the picnic today and talked with your mom and read the bulletin to find out about your exciting journey to Costa Rica. We are so excited for you! It is good to learn about the organization and to know that you knew that you needed to do this. As in all journeys, I am sure there are ups and downs, challenges and delights.

Joe and I missed your blessing and send off (because we went to NYC to see our Joseph play in his band last weekend,) so we extend our blessing and send it south! to you, you travelling exploring young man. How exciting! Keep sending messages and know we are with you.
Love and blessings, Joe and Sally

Ruth said...

Yikes! it sounds like you're experiencing first hand a lot of the issues still facing pwd with travel and in other places. Great pictures -