Friday, June 22, 2007

Costa Rica!

Thursday, June 21

We had an exciting and tiring day traveling to Costa Rica. We got up very early to get ready for our flight. Wheelchair accessible cabs were supposed to meet us at our Houston hotel at 6:15 am, but none of the vehicles that arrived had handicap access. After much wrangling, the group finally all left the hotel about 7:45 am. (My mom, Ryan, and I had had similar challenges with an accessible ride in Houston on Tuesday.) We departed from Houston at about 11:20 am, and arrived in San Jose in the early afternoon.

Costa Rica is very beautiful and very green. All the service people we have encountered have been very friendly and helpful.

After arrival we rode on a Costa Rican bus and arrived at Hostel Bekuo. I'm looking forward to tomorrow when we can meet our host family. In the meantime, time to rest and unpack.

(Sorry - not successful at this time in sending pictures)


seahorse said...

Looking forward to more about your adventures, but don't worry about posting pix and stuff immediately. Just enjoy it all, and you can post in more detail when you are ready to.

Anonymous said...

Yay!! So glad you made it!

Can't wait for more details, but I agree with seahorse - ENJOY!! And just take it all in!

Lee (and Mark and Raych and Jack)