Monday, June 04, 2007

Cool Links

Last week, I did not get to blogging, and I don't think I'll get much blogging done this week either. I've been having neck pain (boy, can pain really sap your energy) and a variety of health care and college-related appointments. So, here are some links that I think might be of interest.

Paul Crichton is a computer expert who works for BBC Ouch Magazine. Paul’s goal is to make websites more accessible to people with disabilities. Last week, Paul interviewed me and invited me to share my thoughts about the Internet.

Speaking of the UK, Gojo is a new website, designed to help people with disabilities in England improve the quality of transportation to enhance their independence. Gojo is looking for suggestions from the public on how to improve the transportation system.

Here is a three-minute video from the Disability Rights Commission of the United Kingdom that shows what the world might be like if people were discriminated against for being able bodied. Sister Edith, from Monastic Musings, has a great Blogging Against Disablism Day post about this video.

Here's a new blog from the University of California Los Angeles about Pathway, a program that provides educational, vocational, and social experiences for people with mental disabilities. Thanks to Ryn Tales, for connecting me to this exciting program that will open doors for many students.

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Ruth said...

I enjoyed reading your interesting interview with BBC Ouch and hope your neck pain subsides (pain is draining!) Take care of yourself-