Monday, June 18, 2007

Off to Houston tomorrow!

Yesterday, my church community blessed me and my friend and newly drafted personal assistant, Ryan, as we prepare to embark on MIUSA's Youth Leadership and Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Disability Rights Exchange Program. It's wonderful to truly feel their support.

And, I must say, I've been surprised that, unlike Christie, I haven't heard any naysayers about my going on this trip - a person with major physical and health impairments going off without his parents. Hooray!

Thanks again for the kind comments and words of support. I appreciate them.

Description of picture, which is a little dark and not too sharp - With Ryan to my right, we are near the altar and surrounded by a large group of family and friends as we are blessed. People have their hands on us or outstretched over us.


Connie said...

That's a great photo David. Why I can just feel the love! Tell your Mom we'll be thinking of her too. I know what it's like to put a son on a plane and send him off!

We look forward to hearing about your trip...

Anonymous said...

Yay!! I sent you an e-mail. I know you're busy and carzy and excited and nervous!!

Have a great time! Our prayers are with you, too! xoxo

Lee (et al)

Ruth said...

What a great sendoff :) Have a good time - can't wait to hear about your travels!