Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Orientation today

Tonight we had a long orientation in Houston with our MIUSA group. The group of 12 delegates is a diverse one – ethnically and disability diverse and from throughout the United States. We’ll also travel with 2 group leaders, one who also uses a power wheelchair, and 2 ASL interpreters, and my personal assistant and one other personal assistant.

We played some ice breaker games and got to know each other a little bit. We talked about our feelings as we embark on this trip, each person’s goals, assistance each person might need, our agenda in Costa Rica, first aid, Costa Rican culture, and learned a little about living with a host family in Costa Rica.

Tomorrow is an early day as we catch a morning flight to San Jose.

Hasta la vista!


Ruth said...

I was reading about the program from your link - sounds wonderfully diverse and inclusive!

Kathryn said...

David it's so great that you are able to blog your journey! I am so excited for you! I loved it that your church was so supportive. that's a great picture of you. It's so great that you are getting out in the world on your own.

I hope you can blog it all- nosey boots that I am.