Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Man dumped out of wheelchair by police officer

Check out this CNN story with video of a quadriplegic dumped out of his wheelchair because the police officer apparently didn't believe he was disabled. Incredible!

Update: Brian Sterner, the man who was dumped out of his wheelchair, was on the Today Show this morning. I didn't see it, but here's the link. Other links to coverage of this abuse can be found at Scott Rains' blog.

Another update: Ruth at Wheelie Catholic shares her stories of people not believing her disability and being abusive, including one time when she broke both her wrists. Her incidents just weren't caught on camera.


Diane J Standiford said...

No surprising. In a large city like Seattle, the police force has no clue how to deal with people with disabilities. One power chair retail store lied t me and said that THEY were giving classes to officers so they would know how to load, charge, etc., a power chair--I called the police dept.--no such classes. Easier to say we are faking and dump us.

Diane J Standiford said...

He is appearing on The Today Show on Tv Weds. Right On.

wheelchair vans toronto said...

i agree with diane,
Police dont know how to handle people with disabilities, neither do people. That is abuse and dehumanization of people with disabilities.

Good post.

wheelchair vans toronto said...

about dianes second comment,
I saw him on t.v i think he is completely right at making his point. the officer should NOT be able to go back on duty.