Monday, February 25, 2008

Dave's Faves

Dave's Faves
A few good reads:

Another study on the employment of people with disabilities -

"In a first-of-its-kind study unveiled to Chicago-region business leaders on January 28, a team of researchers at DePaul University discussed research results that found employees with disabilities from the healthcare, retail and hospitality sectors in the region were just as dependable and productive as employees without disabilities. In addition, researchers also discussed research results that showed accommodation costs associated with workers with disabilities were often minimal and well worth the expense."

I got that link from Access Living, which also had a link to a story about Marca Bristo, being honored as a Chicagoan of the Year.

Another great read from Steve Kuusisto: How to Write Able-ist Prose.
It starts with,
"I once knew a disabled (insert "Man" "Woman" "Child" HERE)."

And, a new blog: Crimes Against People with Disabilities, It's time to speak up... Yes, indeed.

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