Tuesday, March 06, 2007

“When the Slippery Slope Becomes a Mudslide”, Exceptional Parent’s Statement and Plan of Action on the Ashley Treatment

Exceptional Parent Magazine, a resource for parents of children with disabilities, issued a strong statement condemning the "Ashley Treatment". They refer to the historical abuse of children with disabilities through involuntary sterilization, institutionalization, and neglect, and they examine the current abuse of children with disabilities in Switzerland and the Netherlands. They urge healthcare professionals, private foundations, governmental agencies, and disability organizations to publicly denounce these abuses. Exceptional Parent pledges their commitment to stand up for the rights of all people with disabilities, giving a detailed and comprehensive listing of their plans. A few of the things that will be doing will be writing articles, hosting online seminars, keeping an eye on national and international disability issues, and inform families how to access community supports and navigate the educational system.

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