Thursday, March 29, 2007


Many thanks to Dream Mom who has nominated me for a Thinking Blogger Award. It is an honor to win this award from a fine blogger, and I really appreciate it. For those of you that have not checked out Dream Mom’s blog, I urge you to do so. Dream Mom writes very eloquently about her experiences raising Dear Son.

Dream Mom nominated me for this award because my blog was one of five blogs that made her think. In keeping with the tradition of the award, I now get to give this award to five blogs that make me think.

It was not an easy decision to decide which blogs to nominate. I've only been blogging for six months and have discovered many wonderful, thought provoking bloggers. Here are five of them.

1. At Diary of a Goldfish, Goldfish writes about the arts, culture and disability. She organized the first Blogging Against Disablism Day last year. This project had 147 contributions from all over the world.

Goldfish writes openly about many different life issues including disability. She looks at the issues with a thoughtful, reflective approach and always has an interesting perspective. She makes me think about my disability. I also enjoy learning about disability from a British perspective.

2.) Imfunnytoo at Midlife and Treachery (formerly Did I Miss Something also blogs about disability issues. She always has interesting observations on her life and issues affecting all of us. She is a wonderful writer with a very quick wit. She really helps me to look at life with a sense of humor.

3. Kathryn, at Ryn Tales, is the mother of four-year-old Ellie. Like Dream Mom, she writes about her experiences and thoughts about being the parent of a child who happens to have a disability. She looks at life issues from many angles, but mostly from the angle of a mother's love.

4.. I’ve learned so much about disability history, disability law, and disability rights from Penny Richards at Disability Studies. Penny's posts always teach me something new. For example, today Penny writes about reasonable housing accommodations. Penny started up the disability blog carnivals, a source of lots of thinking organized around themes.

5. I discovered Dave Hingsburger's blog, Chewing the Fat, just recently. Dave shares stories from his personal life and his work life. In his work, he conducts workshops with people with disabilities to teach boundaries, self-respect, and self advocacy. In The Good Girl, Dave shares the heart wrenching conversation with a young lady whose only goal in life is to be polite. In Conditions, Dave shares an experience with a young woman who has something to teach us all about self advocacy in relationships.

The rules and origin of the award can be found here. Bloggers that I nominated - you now choose five blogs that make you think. Be sure to include the link to the original site, as that is one of the rules, and choose blogs that has not been previously chosen.

Thanks again, Dream Mom, for nominating me.

Other blogs that make me think and have already won the Thinking Blogger Award are:
The Gimp Parade, Wheelie Catholic, Planet of the Blind, Wheelchair Dancer, and Ballastexistenz. There are lots more, too. Check out my blogroll for starters!


Ruth said...

Congratulations David. Well deserved. I read many of the blogs you nominated and enjoy them very much - can't wait to see who they will nominate in turn!

The Goldfish said...

Congratulations David and thank you. :-)

I hope to host another Blogging Against Disablism Day this year on May 1st. I guess now we're almost in April, I ought to get my finger out and start working that out.

Ryn Tales said...

David, I saw that Dream Mom had nominated you and thought, damn straight! Congratulations.

And thanks as well, I am honored to be nominated by you.

David said...

Thanks so much, everyone!