Thursday, September 14, 2006

The waiting game....

I was hoping to have started interviewing, but unfortunately, I have been delayed.

I had a wonderful vacation in Yellowstone - a National Park that is very accessible to those who use wheelchairs. The geysers are great, the waterfalls are spectacular, the people are friendly, and the wildlife is plentiful.

To my shock and dismay, my Permobil wheelchair was mishandled by the airline on the way out to Jackson, Wyoming and again, on the way home. And, when checked by the repair person, it was found to be irreparably damaged.

So, here I am, housebound, waiting for my new chair.

Am I frustrated? Of course! But, what else can I do? Some say patience comes to those who wait. And, as anyone with a physical disability appreciates, I have sure done a lot of waiting in my life - so by now, I should be very patient!


Anonymous said...

Hey!! Awesome site, man!

You rock! Seriously, this is looking terrific. I like the insights you share and the the perspectives you offer both those of us who are lucky enough to not have some of the "visible' disabilities that are a daily struggle, as well as the people who also work to live with disabilities, like you.

So, I'll stop by on occasion and give ya my 2-cents-worth! I know it'll be worth both of those pennies! :) xoxo


Anonymous said...


great idea. Love the blog. I heard abour your chair from your mom. Hope to see you soon. Hope the new chair comes soon. See you in church. Nura :)

Anonymous said...

David, this is a great idea. Looking forward to more entries.
Mark Garstki

Francine Epstein said...

Hi David,
A friend of mine sent me the link to your blog. I am a potter living in New Jersey. I raised two sons and a daughter, both sons having miner learning disabilities. I found you comments interesting and insightful. I will check back to see new entries. Keep up the good work. I hope your chair comes soon. Francine

Erkin said...

I heard about the powerchair mishap. Can't believe the airline companies can be that insensitive to such an important gadget. I guess the corporation's embrace of diversity,disability and empathy goes only as deep as the balance statements and bottomline figures...

Nice blog and nice F Football team!

Amber said...

I really enjoyed reading your first entries. Great insight!

It sounds like we share a common interest - I'm currently reading Studs Terkel's "The Good War" and look forward to picking up "Hope Dies Last". He's an incredible man. I'm impressed that you successfully solicited his advice.

I look forward to future posts...and meeting you in fantasy football! :)