Thursday, October 11, 2007

Happy Anniversary to us!

We've had one full year of disability blog carnivals - thought-provoking, interesting and fun collections of posts about all sorts of different topics.

Disability Blog Carnival #24: The 1st Anniversary Edition is no different - varied, great posts on the theme of milestones. Head on over and check them out!

Thanks to all the hosts, posters, and commenters - I really enjoy our every other Thursday gatherings. Quite a blogsosphere community we have developed! And a huge applause for our fearless organizer Penny Richards!


Kara said...

Hey Dave! I just posted the next theme for the upcoming disability blog carnival. I hope you'll join us because I always look forward to your post:-) I also added your link on my site~hope you have room for a few more visitors!

Kara said...

oops..don't know if I left my link or not. It's www (dot) karasheridan (dot) com