Monday, August 06, 2007

I Like Vacations!

I just returned from a beautiful trip to Wisconsin where I went bike riding on the Rails to Trails Elroy-Sparta bike trail, swam, played card games with my family, and went to a play.

I really look forward to going on a vacation. One reason is because it’s a welcome break from the everyday hassles of appointments, therapy, equipment, caregivers, etc, etc. Sometimes the everyday "stuff" of living with cerebral palsy can drive me crazy. It’s nice to get away, relax, explore new places, and hangout with my family. Of course, there are plenty of hassles with traveling, but I try not to dwell on them and try to enjoy the new adventures.

My parents bought this Duet bike 11 years ago. I love riding on it because I can feel the wind in my face and being on trails feels calm and peaceful. I cannot last too long on it because it doesn’t provide enough support. But that’s okay – it’s fun!

The Elroy-Sparta Bike Trail is neat
because it is fairly level (having been an old train track) and scenic. It also has many bridges that you cross and 3 long, dark, creepy tunnels that you walk your bike through.

The picture of me on the bench is when I was taking a lunch break at Gina’s Pies are Square. Yum!

I like to swim. We’ve figured out a way that works well for me. I wear a life jacket (it gives head support) and an inexpensive inner tube. When I’m not relaxing and floating on my back (like in this picture from a few years ago), I can paddle on my stomach and swim around. Moving in the water is so much easier for me than moving with gravity.

This card holder has seen me through many games of GO FISH, Old Maid, rummy, hearts, and poker. This trip we played Back Alley Bridge and Euchre.

Recently, my family has started taking in a play on some vacations. This time we went to the American Player’s Theatre in Spring Green, Wisconsin. It was fabulous!

I like vacations! Can't wait for the next one!


Dream Mom said...

Glad to hear you had so much fun! It looks like a great time. Thanks for sharing your photos-the bike looks cool!

Anonymous said...

Hi, David (and all)!

We're thinking of you guys. It is great to see your pics and hear about your trip. Wonderful.

It's super hot here in Hilton Head. We're gonna go play some games with Nana, et al.

xoxo to everyone,
Lee and gang

Kathryn said...

David - you might not even read this because I am commenting so after the fact. Am behind on my blog reading- but. I just wanted to say how happy it makes me seeing your vacation and all the things you get to do because of small adaptions. Like the inner tube and the life jacket. And the duet. Makes me want to do these things with Ellie because, as a family, we stick together.

I am glad you had a great time and it's nice to see it all in pictures. Thanks for sharing.

42heaven said...

Hi David

I would like more information about the duet.