Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Illinois Youth with Disabilities Leadership Summit

I just returned this evening from a disability conference in Springfield, Illinois. The Illinois Youth with Disabilities Leadership Summit is a great chance for young people from Illinois to learn about disability history, disability law, and disability advocacy, and a chance to meet and get to know other young people.
This was my first year going as a mentor, and I had a wonderful time.

This is an annual event - if you are a young person in Illinois who has a disability, check it out and consider it for next year!


Assistive technology said...

I'm glad that you got the chance to mentor at this event. I hope that next year there's more awareness of the Summit so more can attend and enjoy.

Karen said...

I didn't even know about this and I live in IL!

David said...

It's a good experience, Karen - learning about advocacy, the law and your rights, and also meeting other kids. I've enjoyed it. The ASL interpreters are great too - really nice people and seem to be strong interpreters. You and your family should check it out!
(And the conference is free, too.)

stacey said...

sooo important, especially the history aspect. glad you were able to be a mentor.