Thursday, October 26, 2006

Next stop on the carnival!

The 3rd Disability Blog Carnival will be here on Thursday, November 9. Entries are due Monday, November 6. The November 9 theme for the carnival is spirituality, though all stories relating to disability are welcome.

By spirituality, I mean how have your experiences living with disability shaped you spiritually? I'm defining spirituality very broadly, not necessarily religious or nonreligious - thoughts on God, humanity, love, relationships, beauty, the value of a life, meanings and purposes of life, etc., etc., etc.

Have your experiences with disability increased your connection with God? How does suffering and pain coexist with a belief in God? Are you welcome and respected at your place of worship? Are accommodations appropriate? How could they be better?

Have your experiences led you to doubt God's existence? How so? Is there a source of life’s meaning and value?

How have vulnerabilities and challenges in the disability minority shaped your philosophy of life? It seems to me living with disability encourages one to see a connection with and compassion for other oppressed or struggling minorities as well as a deep connection with humanity in general. Agree? Disagree?

What is beauty?

It seems to me people with disabilities are less afraid to ask deep questions, less likely to just accept societal attitudes, ways and traditions. Sometimes we’re forced to ask questions because of the choices we make on a regular basis. Sometimes we ask questions because we are not satisfied with society's answers and excuses. Sometimes we simply see the absurdities of our world.

All viewpoints are welcome, and I look forward to exploring this issue with you. Send submissions to the carnival site or to my e-mail. Deadline Monday, November 6.

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